Risk Assessments

If you are engaging in new markets or projects, knowledge is power. Effective negotiations depend upon accurate information as does any major decision involving strategic risk to the corporation. A thorough investigation or assessment will ensure a well-considered decision and minimizes exposure to possible risks. Possible risks include fraudulent management, unhealthy financial state, misrepresented customer base, inexperienced personnel. Our Risk Assessments methods are discreet and confidential.


Third party Due Diligence

Under many legal frameworks, organizations may  be held liable for acts of corruption by their third parties, i.e. their agents, consultants, suppliers, distributors, joint-venture partners, or any individual or entity that has some form of business relationship with the organization. Therefore, before entering into relationships with third parties, organizations need to take active steps to ensure that potential corruption risks flowing from these relationships are responsibly evaluated and managed. In fact, conducting risk-based due diligence on third parties has become a legal expectation in many countries that have ratified the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and/or the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and conducting adequate due diligence may help organizations decrease, and under some laws even avoid, the risk of criminal culpability for corrupt third-party conduct.

As part of our thorough investigation we support clients before engaging into a business relationship with new partners, intermediaries, customers or brokers, to satisfy anti-bribery and corruption regulations.

Due diligence of foreign entities may require a more in-depth knowledge of local laws, languages or customs especially when records are not made available electronically. Roig Consulting uses local resources to provide these added investigative capabilities. As we understand that not all possible endeavors require the same amount of information, the findings can be reported in an executive summary for a quick review or in a detailed more elaborate report.


If a financial and criminal background check has already taken place, a more practical assessment into the day-to-day business can be the last piece of the puzzle needed to conclude an investigation. Roig Consulting will conduct a discreet assessment of the company’s in-house environment. All findings are determined with discretion, investigative diligence and professional respect for the client’s brand and the subject’s privacy, interests and relationships.